Ports in the Irish Sea

There are many large and small ports – some less operational than others – along the shores of the islands. I want to explore each of these in a little more detail to understand the various intersections of communication and traversing in the Irish Sea. These ports have emerged for various reasons. But and some of the are like twins to others across the Irish Sea such as Dublin and Holyhead and Liverpool (and formerly Chester)

  • Arklow
  • Belfast
  • Birkenhead
  • Bristol
  • Chester/Parkgate – former port very important in the history of Irish shipping to the UK
  • Douglas
  • Drogheda
  • Dublin
  • Dundalk
  • DĂșn Laoghaire
  • Fishguard
  • Greenore
  • Heysham
  • Holyhead
  • Howth
  • Larne
  • Liverpool
  • Mostyn
  • Newport
  • Rosslare
  • Stranraer
  • Swansea
  • Warrenpoint
  • Wicklow


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