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Shallow Seabed and Tsunamis

in Fresh/Geology/Science and Geography

I worked in Aceh after the 2004 tsunami. Fast response and evacuation responses are essential. Where these are successful it is possible you might have widespread infrastructure damage but low casualty numbers.

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Sea foam – the natural bubble bath

in Fresh/Nature
Ballycastle sea foam

The agitation of sea water, especially when it contains a high degree of dissolved organic material creates foam on the shoreline. The beach is transformed from its normal state (sand, shingles etc) into all covering expanse of tiny bubbles.

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What are Tides?

in Geography

Gravity pulls the Oceans, the Seas, and large Lakes. This results in water being pulled towards the same area – creating a high end and also a low end on the Earth. When the Sun and the Moon are aligned this effect is even more prominent, and results in an exceptionally  high tide known as…

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