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Honey-combed French-style – The Sun

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Inouye telescope - sun

Extremely detailed images of the sun have been captured by the Inouye telescope in Hawaii. The telescope’s 30km resolution is more than twice that of the next best solar observatories.  You can see the image below. The sun presents itself almost like a bee-built honeycomb structure. 

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Birr and the Stoneys- And the largest telescope in the world

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William Parsons put Offaly at the centre of global astronomy in 1845. He built the largest telescope in the world until the construction of the 100-inch (2.5 m) Hooker Telescope in California in 1917. 

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Birr is part of the world’s largest network of radio telescopes

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LOFAR is an interconnected series of radio telescopes that form the world’s largest radio telescope. Though most of the sites are based in the Netherlands, many are elsewhere including the most westerly antenna in the park at Birr Castle.

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