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Lambay Axe Factory


Lambay Island was a Neolithic axe factory. As well as stones being quarried here, they were also carved into “roughs” – and brought elsewhere for finishing. Between 1993-2001, there was a search in a valley on the western end of Lambay Island to search for evidence of the working of porphyritic andesite (porphyry) for stone axe production. This production was confirmed along with the placing Neolithic pottery and worked flint into sealed pits.

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Laughanstown, Wedge Tomb


The Wedge Tomb in Laughanstown is about 50 metres from the junction of the M50 and Cherrywood. This once stood on high ground with great views to the south but the new road is 30 metres higher so the view is no longer clear

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The Irish Sea is Born


It was 20 millions years ago that Britain and Ireland ended up where they are now.  Almost 300 million years before that, the super continent Gondwanaland had began to separate in a north-south movement. Then 100 million years ago this shifted a an east-west separation, and by 40 million years ago the Atlantic Ocean was formed – and the continents as they are now were more or less in place 20 million years ago.

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