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The Magic Signposts – Follow the National Cycle Network Time Trail

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Ballycastle - Millenium Signpost

This is a wonderful idea, but how did they get funding! A mixture of magic and the great outdoors produced a living breathing enigma which stretched across all of the UK, and even part of the Republic linking up to 1000 mileposts together in a cryptic puzzle.  Most of these mileposts installed in the early…

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Shingle Beach

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Rossglass Beach

When most people think of beaches they think of sand. They do not want to rest upon a thousand bumpy stones. Beaches decorated with pebbles rather than sand are called shingle beaches. Shingle beaches are common – Britain has thousands of them, although Japan and New Zealand have more. There is a national registry of…

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Brighton Beach – Engineering Tourism

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My first impression of Brighton’s famed shore was the dark spectre of what I later learned to be the old West Pier. It sits in the sea like a deserted oil rig, and, unbeknownst of its history I was surprised that such a bleak industrial structure would be allowed distract the views of visitors to…

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