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Bryn Celli Ddu – A Chamber in Three Acts

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Bryn Celli Ddu

Bryn Celli Ddu is one of the finest passage tombs in Wales. Indeed it is both a passage and burial chamber, buried under a mound. It is only a boat and bike trip from Dublin, and this makes me wonder about the people who built it. 

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The Drumlins and Vikings of Strangford Lough

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Though Strangford Lough is a long way from Scandinavia, it has an impressive Viking heritage. The ford from Old Norse Strangr Fjörðr. But it was also host to a battle between two groups of Viking rivals.

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Grianan of Aileach – How to avoid the nostalgia of authenticity

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Grianan of Aileach, Donegal

Discovering the Grianan of Aileach was a shock. Why had this impressive and beautiful structure failed to knock on the door of my general knowledge? There it curved in front of me, so extraordinarily well preserved. What a mystery! Yet a small amount of research later revealed some of the reasons why this site has…

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