Endurance and nice flowers – The Standing Stone of Cushendun Caravan Park


This one is subtle. It looks like a big decorative slab. Nothing fancy and yet it is an ancient standing stone. Something precious in an environment which is somewhat less subtle.

At the entrance to a caravan-site in Cushendun is a large semi-elliptical slab which is one of a former pair of standing-stones – now surrounded by ornamental plants.

Had this not been included in the 19th century on the original ordinance survey maps, I doubt that this would ever have survived.  It is quite natural for us to have flowers next to a grave stone, so it rather seems appropriate here.  The anchor seems quite out of place. I wonder has it some special significance.  There is no atmosphere inducing wonder as there is at for example Ossian’s Grave but you have to appreciate the miracle of any stone having remained on the landscape for so long.

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