Easter Island Clontarf
Easter Island Clontarf

Moai on the Promenade


“Easter Island Moai” Donated by the government of Chile 9th Novemeber 2004.

The Replica was presented by H.E. Cristián Barros, Deputy Foreign Minister of Chile in the presence of Cllr Michael Conaghan, Lord Mayor of Dublin.

This sculpture is a replica of an ancient Easter Island Head or Moai. It was sculpted in Chile by the artist Alejandro Pakarati , using volcanic stone from Easter Island.  There are approximately 1,000 of these volcanic stones in Easter Island. This small island, located in the South Pacific Ocean at 3,760 Kms off the Chilean coast, has been part of Chile since 1888.

The indigenous name of Easter Island is “Rapa Nui” – meaning “the navel of the world”. Its inhabitants also refer to the island as “Marakiterani”, meaning “the eyes that look up to the sky”. There are no two identical Moais. They are characterised by their large heads and torsos without legs, and their lower arms are only suggested in relief around their stomachs.


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