East Point Business Park path

The Business View – Clontarf from Eastpoint


The land on which East-Point business park is built is an area that few Dublin residents visit – other than those working there. And yet it contains one scarcely known view of the city – a view of Clontarf promenade.

There is a lovely tree-lined walk along the sea end of the park. The land is reclaimed from Dublin Bay and the River Tolka estuary – and the business park opened in 1996. Originally there was a plan to build a small city airport but that proved to be impossible.

Clontarf Promenade from East Point
Clontarf Promenade from East Point

To access the park you cross a bridge – which must be the most substantial bridge in the city not to have a name. The park is about 40 acres in size with about 40 buildings. It seems you cannot enter the park by car unless you have authorisation – or certainly some means of lifting the barriers!

Clontarf Promenade from bench in East Point
Clontarf Promenade from bench in East Point



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The famous Turtle Bunbury http://www.turtlebunbury.com/published/published_books/docklands/east_wall/pub_books_docklands_east_point.html 

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