Poolbeg yacht and boat club
Poolbeg yacht and boat club Dublin

Another reason to use the East Link – Poolbeg yacht and boat club


One of the best reasons to cross the East Link bridge, is to catch a glimpse of the boats close to Poolbeg Yacht, Boat Club, & Marina.  

The club was opened in 1976 and has now more than 250 members. In 2006 they built their own 100 berth marina.  For me it is a beautiful place to watch the glistening of the water and take photos of the many shapes, sizes, and colours of boats. 

We can see on the map that the Boat Club is located between Ringsend Park and the River Liffey and not far from the East Link bridge which is unlabelled. 

There are always a large variety of boats. Those photographers seeking to find patterns in apparently random sets of objects will be pleased by this setting. 



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