The Wild Rose


I came across this Wild Rose in Sandymount on the path to Irish town Nature Reserve.  Despite having some good resources for identification proposes (see below), I failed to identify the flower.  The reason is that the colour of this rose is varied, and you find them every shade from white to dark pink. They are frequently discovered developing wild among roadside bushes.

Common Name: Dog Rose
Scientific Name: Rosa canina
Name in Irish: Feirdhris

They are high in vitamin C and are utilized to make tea and syrup. During the Second World War this syrup was used as a substitute for citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons which were unavailable in Ireland.

The fruit of these Roses are a very good source of Vitamin C and also Vitamins A, D and E. However, if eaten raw one can suffer nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhoea. A glass of milk or water should be given to drink if the fruit are swallowed.



Also read Collins Guide to Wild Life in Ireland


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