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Balrothery – Standing Stone

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It is a surreal mix of Celtic Tiger housing, an IRA hunger striker, and an ancient stone.

Balrothery has a standing-stone 1.3 metres high in a communal green space in a small housing-estate. This is located in the Cloch Choirneal estate.  The housing development has had its own controversies including issues related to health and safety.  The company which developed the site was led by former IRA hunger striker Thomas McFeely who was at least able to save this important ancient stone. In 2006, his Priory Hall building site was temporarily closed by the High Court because of “systemic” breaches of health and safety regulations. A Health and Safety Authority inspector described it as “one of the most unsafe” sites he had ever seen. In 2009, a Co Dublin woman won more than €100,000 in damages against his company Coalport over its failure to deal with “serious structural defects” in the house she had purchased at Cloch Choirneal.



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Site Visit:  http://www.megalithomania.com/show/site/57/balrothery_standing_stone.htm

Balrothery: http://www.fingal.ie/planning-and-buildings/heritage-in-fingal/heritage-and-communities/fingal-heritage-by-area/balrothery/

Standing Stone: http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/site/906/balrothery.html

Excavation:  http://www.excavations.ie/report/2001/Dublin/0006270

Selected Monuments in Dublin: http://www.irishmegaliths.org.uk/dublin.htm

Issues with the Housing Development: https://www.independent.ie/regionals/fingalindependent/news/residents-aired-health-and-safety-concerns-27813333.html

Controversial developer: 



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