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The Milky Way Day – Orbit of the Sun


While the moon swings around the Earth, we have enough time for work, dinner, and a movie.  The Earth barely swirls more than half a solar circuit and we’re already thinking about Christmas presents. But what about the Sun? How come we never think about what the Sun gets up to? Is it not travelling around something? And if so, what could a human being manage to get done on one of those days? 

Turns out that the Sun makes an orbit of the Milky Way. It has been estimated that the Sun spends about 226 million years to completely orbit the centre of the Milky Way. It has only done this about twenty times, since the Sun was created, and last time around the Dinosaurs were here – which also give a sense of how long ago they lived.  So as a human we could do a lot of things in those 82,490,000,000 days.  You would get everything on your list done. 



Sun Orbit

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