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Do you know where you are going? Follow magnetic fields

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Man walking on a plain

Do you know where you are going? Yes, sometimes it can be hard. Not just in life but also on the ground. Some people would tell you to stay calm, take a breath, and trust your judgement. Well it turns out trusting your judgement might be a good thing. 

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Honey-combed French-style – The Sun

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Inouye telescope - sun

Extremely detailed images of the sun have been captured by the Inouye telescope in Hawaii. The telescope’s 30km resolution is more than twice that of the next best solar observatories.  You can see the image below. The sun presents itself almost like a bee-built honeycomb structure. 

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The Invisible Elephant in the Universe – Dark Matter

in Fresh/Science and Geography

It has been suggested that 80% of all matter in the Universe cannot be detected. It has been called Dark Matter, an all encompassing term that covers a lot of different theories about what this matter might actually be. There are also others who claim that Dark Mater does not exist and that there are…

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The Milky Way Day – Orbit of the Sun

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Galactic Day

While the moon swings around the Earth, we have enough time for work, dinner, and a movie.  The Earth barely swirls more than half a solar circuit and we’re already thinking about Christmas presents. But what about the Sun? How come we never think about what the Sun gets up to? Is it not travelling…

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Faraway Hills are Grey

in Geology/Recent/Science and Geography

The comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has small cliffs that stretch across the landscape for months at a time.

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We are not from around here – Interstellar objects

in Fresh/Geology/Science and Geography

Parts of the Earth may have originally been from another part of the galaxy, having crossed light years to form what we stand upon right now. This is the suggestion of research that says that the Milky Way should be full of flying rocks like Oumuamua, the interstellar asteroid that visited our solar system in…

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Adapt or Die – Climate change and human evolution

in Fresh/Science and Geography

There has been permanent ice on the Earth for over 2.5 million years. The amount of ice has changed from time to time. Mario Krapp from University of Cambridge has led a team which simulated 800,000 years of global climate change.

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Seamounts – The mountains that you cannot see

in Atlantic Ocean/Climate Change/Fresh/Geology/Science and Geography

We have discovered thousands of previously uncharted underwater mountains, which are also known as seamounts. They are included in the most detailed map of the ocean floor ever produced.

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Planet Jupiter comes to Dublin 5

in Fresh/Science and Geography

I had not realised that one could easily see a planet in the sky, even a large one such as Jupiter. And now I know that Galileo had four centuries previously identified four moons orbiting the planet, and yet Jupiter only came into my orbit this summer.  

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Birr and the Stoneys- And the largest telescope in the world

in Buildings/Fresh/Science and Geography

William Parsons put Offaly at the centre of global astronomy in 1845. He built the largest telescope in the world until the construction of the 100-inch (2.5 m) Hooker Telescope in California in 1917. 

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