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Where do the swirls in the sand come from?

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Rossglass Beach

Have you ever considered where all those curly-wurly squiggly designs come from on a beach. I had presumed it was some sort of sand and sea related physical process Рbelonging to the realms of physics or chemistry. But I was wrong. Quite wrong! 

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Sponges and similar animals

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Sponges On the lower shore sponges can be found beneath rocks. Many are thousands of individual tiny individuals living together. They are simple animals. They absorb water and filter particles of food. Photo: Paul Naylor www_marinephoto_co_uk Sea Mats Form normally in thin areas of seaweeds. rocks, and seashells. Often feel chalky or slimy to touch…

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Seaweeds belong to the algae family. They are plant like organisms that live in water. They vary in size from small cells to plants 60 metres long. Some are found in seawater and others in fresh water. Seaweed grows, makes food and reproduces only when covered with water; some survive without water longer than others.…

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