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Cystoseira baccata

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Rossglass Beach - Cystoseira baccata

Cystoseira baccata is a type of brown seaweed in the family Fucaceae. The name baccata means “berry-like” and refers to the small air bladders.

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Sponges and similar animals

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Sponges On the lower shore sponges can be found beneath rocks. Many are thousands of individual tiny individuals living together. They are simple animals. They absorb water and filter particles of food. Photo: Paul Naylor www_marinephoto_co_uk Sea Mats Form normally in thin areas of seaweeds. rocks, and seashells. Often feel chalky or slimy to touch…

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Lichens are usually found high up on the splash zone, Tiny algae and fungus live together. Algae live on the inside and fungus on the outside – which provides shape and shelter for the algae (It’s such a beautiful relationship!!). Algae feed by using photosynthesis and then produce sugar which is consumed afterwards by the…

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Seaweeds belong to the algae family. They are plant like organisms that live in water. They vary in size from small cells to plants 60 metres long. Some are found in seawater and others in fresh water. Seaweed grows, makes food and reproduces only when covered with water; some survive without water longer than others.…

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Hedge Bindweed – Portmarnock

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I came across the Hedge Bindweed between the car park and beach in Portmarnock. This October (2017) has been quite mild, and it seems many flowers are still around towards the end of their survival range of dates.

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The Wild Rose

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I came across this Wild Rose in Sandymount on the path to Irish town Nature Reserve.  Despite having some good resources for identification proposes (see below), I failed to identify the flower.  The reason is that the colour of this rose is varied, and you find them every shade from white to dark pink. They are…

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