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The Monster across the Shore – The Tale of two Glencar Waterfalls

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Glencar Waterfall is located west of Manorhamilton, is 15 metres high, and is situated at Glencar Lough.  A great example of a Poet transforming nature, so that even a not-so-imposing waterfall can have some glory.  The Waterfall served as an inspiration to the Nobel Laureate William Butler Yeats and features in his poem ‘The Stolen…

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Where Glaciers meet Ancient Tombs – Carrowkeel, Sligo

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Carrowkeel is located near Lough Arrow, overlooking the village of Castlebaldwin. While famed for its neolithic sites, it is also a great example of glaciation.

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620-tonne Irish boulder goes for a little walk (by boulder standards!)

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Moving Rocks - West of Ireland

During the winter of 2013-2014, there was a storm, and in the West of Ireland waves moved a 620 tonne boulder 2.5 metres.

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Little piece of home – Earth rock found on the Moon

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A clump of granite might prove that pieces of the Earth ended up on the moon. This granite might also be the oldest Earth rock found anywhere.

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Shallow Seabed and Tsunamis

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I worked in Aceh after the 2004 tsunami. Fast response and evacuation responses are essential. Where these are successful it is possible you might have widespread infrastructure damage but low casualty numbers.

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Coal, Sandstone, and Pebbles: Ballycastle, Antrim

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Ballycastle shingle

The Ballycastle area is the only coastal location of Carboniferous coal seams in Ireland. It is also an unusual mix of three different periods of geological change.

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Sea foam – the natural bubble bath

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Ballycastle sea foam

The agitation of sea water, especially when it contains a high degree of dissolved organic material creates foam on the shoreline. The beach is transformed from its normal state (sand, shingles etc) into all covering expanse of tiny bubbles.

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Where do the swirls in the sand come from?

in Fresh/Nature/Sea Creatures
Rossglass Beach

Have you ever considered where all those curly-wurly squiggly designs come from on a beach. I had presumed it was some sort of sand and sea related physical process – belonging to the realms of physics or chemistry. But I was wrong. Quite wrong! 

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Cystoseira baccata

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Rossglass Beach - Cystoseira baccata

Cystoseira baccata is a type of brown seaweed in the family Fucaceae. The name baccata means “berry-like” and refers to the small air bladders.

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