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Smog and Polar Warming

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Smog Family

Warmer conditions in the Arctic may lead to severe clouds of pollution in many cities in Asia, including Beijing and Delhi. With climate change models prediction increased temperature increases in the Arctic this will have wide reaching impact on human health in Asia. 

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Magnetism and Water on Mars

in Fresh/Science and Geography

NASA’s InSight lander, which arrived on the Red Planet in November 2018, is making measurements of Mars’s magnetic field from the surface, which may help us find water deep underground. While this might trigger thoughts of dowsing there are some scientific reasoning behind the idea. 

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A Bridge a little Further – Annesley drifting from the Sea

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Annsley Bridge Dublin

Annesley Bridge is further away from the sea than when it was first built in 1797.  There was a time you could stand on the bridge, and easily see Clontarf Island only a few hundreds metres away. But now Clontarf Island is no longer visible, because it is not there at all!

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Finding Dublin’s deeper side – Alexandra Basin

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Alexandra Basin Dublin

When you talk about Alexandra Basin, you are talking about the dreams of one young man:  Bindon Blood Stoney. He was the assistant engineer who had considerable vision, and conceived of much larger ships one day arriving in Dublin port. Today all of the new quays and docks that were designed and built by him…

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Black Hole – First photo

in Fresh/Science and Geography

Scientists have obtained the first image of a black hole, using Event Horizon Telescope observations of the center of the galaxy M87.

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Vartry Water Supply Scheme – Engineering Envy and a mention in Ulysses

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Vartry water works

The Vartry Water Supply Scheme provides drinking water for a supply area stretching from Roundwood, through north Wicklow up to south Dublin and serves over 200,000 people. Not only was this an extraordinary feat of engineering, it also caught the imagination of James Joyce. 

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Grianan of Aileach – How to avoid the nostalgia of authenticity

in Buildings/Featured/Fresh/Prehistoric
Grianan of Aileach, Donegal

Discovering the Grianan of Aileach was a shock. Why had this impressive and beautiful structure failed to knock on the door of my general knowledge? There it curved in front of me, so extraordinarily well preserved. What a mystery! Yet a small amount of research later revealed some of the reasons why this site has…

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Dunsevrick Castle – Remains of a Kingdom

in Castles/Fresh
Dunsevrick Castle Antrim

There is not much left of Dunseverick Castle, the last fort on this location for perhaps over three thousand years. Though the historical records are sketchy, this was also a power centre for the Dal Riata kingdom which used its maritime skills parts of the north off Ireland and the west of Scotland

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All alone with Torr Head

in Fresh/Geology/Irish Sea/Nature
Torr Head

 For the first time in my life, I was standing in a wide expanse of raw beauty, but I was alone. (Within an hour I was in Murlough Bay saying the same). 

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